Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Coming Soon: Even Villains Play The Hero!

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Releases August 3.

We all have our favorite superhero stories – now it's the villains' turn to talk. 

Zephyr Girl broke into Dr. Charm's lab looking for the affair of the century; she found happily ever after instead. But now, seven years later, Tabitha walks away with no warning, and Evan faces the ultimate decision: world domination, or the woman he loves? With their four loveable daughters, Evan sets out to rescue his wife—and his marriage—proving that Even Villains Fall In Love

Hunted by The Company as a rogue hero, Angela, eldest of the quads, heads to California—because Even Villains Go To The Movies. When a gang of super-powered jewel thieves hit town, Angela must choose between lying low or helping a superhero who's too hot for his own good—in more ways than one.  

In Even Villains Have Interns, Angela's sister Delilah hears rumors of big-game hunters in town and a mysterious drug that everyone—including The Company—is after. Teaming up with the spooky Spirit of Chicago, she aims to take down the dealers, the mobsters, the kingpin, and The Company. The only thing that might be difficult is doing it all without falling in love...

EVEN VILLAINS PLAY THE HERO collects Heroes and Villains volumes 1 - 3 into a single volume. This is the ONLY place you will ever find Even Villains Fall In Love in print! 

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Releases August 3.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Release Day! Fey Lights is in print!

Inkprint Press is excited to announce that the paperback version of Liana Brooks's Fey Lights is now available at all good online retailers! Hurrah!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Coming Soon: Fey Lights in Print!

Inkprint Press is excited to announce that the paperback version of Liana Brooks's Fey Lights is coming! The official release date is March 19, but word on the street has it that you might be able to find it in a few online locations before that ;)

In the meantime, the Fey Lights ebook has also had a bit of revamp. Why not check it out while you wait for March 19? :)

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Release Day: Where Your Treasure Is in Print

The print edition of Where Your Treasure Is is here! Available at all major paperback retailers, or you can ask your favourite indie store to order in a copy using the ISBN 1497598737 or 978-1497598737.

In a series of plays written for a teen audience, “Where Your Treasure Is” explores a variety of Christian concepts, from the real meaning of trust, freedom and forgiveness, to the importance of exercising the gifts we have been given. Plays range from 8 to 70 minutes and usually require 6 or 8 actors.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Release Day: Fey Lights

Inkprint Press is proud to announce the release of 'Fey Lights' by Liana Brooks. 'Fey Lights' can be found at all major online retailers.

When Jeani crash lands on a backwater world, she knows she's in trouble. The slave trader Hothi is looking for her, and her bosses are going to eat her alive if she screws up another mission.

Discovering she's half a world away from the planet's only space port is a blow - but it doesn't rock her nearly as much as her reunion with a man she barely remembers, from a past she wants to forget. Can she do the right thing, and leave him again?

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